fresh approach to life stewardship

It seems that everywhere I go I get asked similar questions:

  • How do you organize your life?
  • How do you plan your time?
  • How do you determine your priorities?

These are excellent questions—questions, in fact, to which I’ve sought answers for years.

After writing the book Stewarding Life two years ago, I began looking to develop a personal resource that would serve as a tool to put life stewardship principles into practice on a daily basis. The result was the Stewarding Life Planner.

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This personal life planner reflects almost thirty years of seeking to be more effective in God’s calling by refining personal planning principles and developing organizational skills.

Specifically, I’ve learned that the best personal system for life stewardship begins with understanding and identifying the basic roles God has placed into my life and then filtering my priorities through these roles.

In the early pages of the Stewarding Life Planner, you will find practical instructions that lay out a biblical philosophy for time and life management and that help you establish your God-given roles.

The core of the planner is the daily stewardship page—one for every day of the year and your tool for balancing the multi-faceted roles of your life.

A bonus in the back includes over forty pages from my journal during the time that God was most intensely refining these principles of stewardship in my life. Mostly written in bullet format, there is ample room for you to add the lessons on life stewardship God is teaching you.

This resource is designed for any Christian—pastor, spiritual leader, or layperson—to easily use. I pray it helps equip you to steward your days with eternal priorities.

For more information or to order your copy, visit Striving Together Publications.

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