Love Works in action

Our church is involved this month in a Love Works emphasis. The “works” part of this title highlights two meanings of the word works:

First, works refers to the fact that true love labors. If you love someone, you will demonstrate that love. Thus, since Jesus commanded us to love our neighbors as ourselves, we are demonstrating that love in practical ways.

Second, works refers to the fact that love is effective in reaching hearts. We can tell our community that we love them, but if we are never willing to invest ourselves into their lives, our “love” will probably not be effective in leading people to Christ.

Love works because it labors, and it works because it is effective. In other words, working love works.

We’re just beginning our third day of the Love Works emphasis, and we are already seeing fruit from it. We’ve seen the Lord use our working love to connect hearts of needy people with His love. Some who have been resistant in the past to the gospel or to the influence of a church have been responsive to an encounter with a loving Christian with compassion for them.

In the past two days, people have been saved on the spot in some of our venues, including seven teens saved at a local high school yesterday and others saved at the rescue mission and personal visits. Hundreds more have received invitations to church with the gospel message. We praise the Lord for how He is using the love works initiative to spread His love.

I’d challenge you to consider the people around you who you are praying to reach with the gospel—perhaps neighbors, coworkers, or even your entire community. Are you employing love in your efforts? Working love does work!

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