It’s that time of year once again, and our campus is filled with college students! Our nineteenth year of West Coast Baptist College began on Monday. It was a joy to greet returning students and welcome new students. We praise the Lord for these students and for the opportunity to partner with their home pastors and parents in their education.

As I met new students and their families on Monday, I couldn’t help but think of the many mentors who have invested in my life. Dr. Tom Malone, Dr. Curtis Hutson,  Dr. Lee Roberson, Dr. Don Sisk, and others—so many men have given of themselves to me. I’m thankful for their influence, and I’m grateful to be able to invest in the lives of others.

As I preached in college chapel this week, I sensed in our students a genuineness to learn all that God has for them and an eagerness to serve the Lord with their whole heart. I thank the Lord for the privilege of investing in the lives of men and women as they prepare to spread the gospel message worldwide.

The exciting aspect of investing in the lives of people is the ripple effect—you never know how far a simple investment will go. You give by investing prayer, time, sermon or lesson preparation, class activities, or a simple note…and your investment may touch a life who touches another who touches another who…the ripple spreads on and on.

I think, for instance, of Barnabas’ investment in Paul. Barnabas offered encouragement and support to Paul when others backed away from him. God used Barnabas’ labor to not only strengthen Paul, but to touch lives around the Roman Empire with the gospel, to plant churches, and to give us much of the New Testament.

Thankfully, Paul didn’t let Barnabas’ kindness stop with him. He, in turn, invested in young men such as Timothy and Titus.

So take a moment to consider, who specifically can you invest in this weekend?

(And while you’re thinking about investments, it wouldn’t hurt to send a quick word of appreciation to someone who has invested in you!)

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