Through the years, I’ve preached verse-by-verse through several New Testament books on Sunday evenings. (Currently, I’m preaching through the Gospel of Luke on Sunday mornings.) A few weeks ago, we wrapped up the study of Colossians, and I’m excited this Sunday to begin preaching through Titus.

(If you cannot see this video in your RSS reader or email, you can watch it here.)

The book of Titus is Paul’s letter to Titus, instructing him to set things in order in the church which Titus pastored on the island of Crete. The overarching message of this epistle is indeed a call to order in the church.

A highlight for me in studying this epistle has been the many reinforcements throughout it of the deity of Christ. The very reason we care about order in the church is because the church belongs to Christ!

Titus also provides a bridge between a sometimes perceived discrepancy between Romans and James. In Romans, Paul clearly states that salvation is by faith alone. James concludes that without works, faith is dead. For those who struggle with understanding these different sides of the same coin, Paul brings clarity in Titus as he explains the faith that brings salvation leads to grace that produces holy living.

I’m greatly anticipating beginning the study “A Call to Order” on Sunday evening at 5:30 (PT). Each message will be live streamed at and posted to our preaching podcast.  Each will also be available for later download at

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