With Spiritual Leadership Conference just a few days away, I thought I’d share a few thoughts for anyone still on the fence, deliberating over coming.

You should not attend this conference if…

  1. You are comfortable with the status quo. This year’s conference is going to challenge us to launch out by faith as never before. If you prefer comfort over fruit, you probably will not enjoy it.
  2. You have no personal or ministry needs. Spiritual Leadership Conference is not for perfect people with perfect ministries. It is a shot in the arm for strugglers. Most of us need the boost.
  3. You do not believe the best days of your life and ministry are on the horizon of faith. If you believe the best days of your ministry are behind you, enjoy the memories. If you long to catch a vision of faith for what God could do in your life and through your ministry, I pray you will gain that at this year’s conference.

You should attend this conference if…

  1. You love biblical preaching. The preaching at Spiritual Leadership Conference is the highlight of the year to me. It challenges my faith and enlarges my vision—every year.
  2. You are looking for equipping tools. With over eighty ministry workshops, there’s a good chance you will find the truths and tools you need to overcome current ministry hurdles.
  3. You are concerned for America. I am deeply concerned for our nation, but I believe local New Testament churches can see revival again. In a special session on Wednesday, I plan to present a 110-page action plan for Baptist pastors.
  4. You enjoy good fellowship with likeminded leaders. Next to the preaching, I always look forward to the fellowship. The conference is a great time to see ministry friends, meet new friends, and hear what God is doing around the world.
  5. You want a fresh vision of faith and a strong push to leave the comforts of the shore. As we launch out by faith at this year’s Spiritual Leadership Conference, I invite you to come and catch this spirit with us. Allow the Lord to use you in a greater way in the days ahead because you were willing by faith to launch out. Come join the adventure.

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