The Road Ahead book

Over the past several months, I’ve been writing a book for independent Baptist pastors and leaders—The Road Ahead.

This book shares personal midcourse adjustments the Lord has worked in my spirit and ministry philosophy. Particularly, it addresses the needs I see in independent Baptist leaders and churches to look to Jesus and serve with authenticity.

As I travel, I’ve met hundreds of Bible-believing pastors who love God, are faithful to their families, and have a pulpit ministry that is grace-based and Bible-centered. Some of these men have shared with me their concerns about the testimony of Christ and the future of biblical Baptist churches.

As with other institutions, and even other denominations, we serve in a day when the actions and reactions of a few have been broad-brushed over all of us. In these times, it is more vital than ever that we understand our biblical position and allow the Holy Spirit to thoroughly search our lives for imbalances in ministry.

Packaging these thoughts into book form with written steps of action has been a challenge. In fact, I haven’t written a book with more prayer…or a greater passion to clearly communicate.

As the book was in progress, I asked many friends across the country and around the world for their help in discussing and praying with me about these truths. Their response and affirmation has been greatly encouraging.

None of us have apprehended. We haven’t arrived. But for those who are pressing toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus, I believe we should carefully consider the road ahead.

There has not been a generation in more need of revival than ours. And I believe revival in our generation is possible. In fact, I believe the road ahead for biblical Baptists will be a blessed road if we seek God’s face, humble ourselves, and continue to make the adjustments necessary to be increasingly Christ-centered and biblically authentic in our daily lives and ministries.

It is in this spirit that I have written The Road Ahead. I trust you will enjoy and benefit from this book.

For chapter titles and a free sample of the book, visit Striving Together Publications.

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