Every spiritual leader, including the pastor (actually, especially the pastor) needs personal and spiritual accountability.

I have gathered a team of godly men with whom I meet (sometimes on the phone, but often in person) on a regular basis for accountability.

These men know they have access into every area of my life—and they take the access. They ask me probing questions regarding my walk with the Lord, family time, reading, and my thought life. They don’t hesitate to point out imbalances they see developing in any area of my life.

These men pray for me as well—for my personal needs, for my family, for specific challenges and needs in my life and ministry.

It seems that every time I mention the need for a leader to develop an accountability team or to seek out mentors, someone will ask, “How do you select such men?” This is a great question, especially considering the vital role of accountability in a Christian’s life.

The men whom I have asked to help me have had the following distinguishing characteristics:

  1. More mature than I am in ministry years
  2. Faithful in doctrinal integrity
  3. Have testimonies of personal holiness
  4. Love their wives and families
  5. Have families who love Jesus
  6. Love me enough to be honest with me
  7. Love the local church

Godly friendship is a gift. Godly accountability is doubly a gift. If you already have such friends in your life, thank them.

If you meet the criteria above, I’d encourage you to be willing to serve others through accountability.

And if you are a spiritual leader in any capacity, I’d encourage you to seek out mature servants of God who love the Lord and will help you to serve Him with integrity and balance.

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