Leading in ministry is like walking a tightrope. Not only does it require delicate balance, but the stakes are high if we slip.

As spiritual leaders, it is our responsibility to walk with balance. Ephesians 5:15 puts it succinctly—“walk circumspectly.” But if we were to get off balance, what would it look like?

The infographic below lists ten marks of imbalance in ministry. These can describe a leader personally, or a ministry in general. Either way, the results are tragic.


Any of these ten imbalances—and especially the pride that drives them—can creep up on us with such stealth as to make the imbalance imperceptible in the beginning. For this reason, we must daily, constantly, look to the Holy Spirit for conviction, cleansing, and power.

With these thoughts in mind, I am in the final editing stages of a book The Road Ahead: 10 steps to authentic ministry for independent Baptists. The book is primarily for independent Baptist leaders, and I pray it will encourage all of us to strive for the balance exemplified by Christ—full of grace and truth (John 1:14).

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