The ministry schedule here at Lancaster Baptist seems to sometimes bring periods when multiple events happen in back to back succession. This is one of those seasons. Resurrection Sunday took place two days ago, and tomorrow begins the West Coast Baptist Youth Conference when we will welcome thousands of teenagers to our campus and do our best to minister to them.

When I look back over the last week leading to Easter, as well as to the Easter Sunday services, I am truly amazed to see what God continues to do here in the high desert of Northern Los Angeles County.

First, I am always humbled to see the heart of service from the members of this church. Throughout the week—and often late into the night—there were people cleaning, decorating, setting lights, preparing live stream, practicing music, and a variety of other activities in preparation for the Easter services.

Second, I was overwhelmed by the obvious working of the Holy Spirit on Sunday. In each service, I sat next to people who wept as they considered the sacrifice that Jesus made for us on the Cross. God gave us the privilege of serving well over a thousand first-time guests, and scores of them accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

Of the many events of Resurrection Sunday, there was one text I received that really summarized the ministry for me. It was from a young married man who was recently saved in our church and who we have recently been discipling. Here is his message (although I have removed his name for security reasons):

Dear Pastor, It was a blessing having the chance of being in Easter service for the first time in my life. No one could imagine how I feel today, knowing you have eternal life and Somebody has paid for all your sins. The most reasonable fact that made me choose this church was believing that our nature is sinful and we need Jesus to forgive us and give us the gift of salvation. Happy Easter.

I believe one of the greatest ways to keep the Resurrection of Christ alive in our hearts is to see what God does in saving people like this dear man and his wife.

Also on Sunday, Terrie shared with me the opportunity she had to lead a sixty-seven year old aerospace worker to the Lord after the service on Sunday. The lady wept for joy when Terrie gave her a new Bible, and she said she looked forward to returning next Sunday.

Stories like these could be told over and over again. The Holy Spirit truly worked in many hearts!Easter-afternoon

In addition to what God did at Lancaster Baptist, I was equally thrilled to hear of record-breaking Sundays that so many of our friends across the country experienced. The names are too numerable to mention, but I know of more than a dozen Bible-believing Baptist men who were able to see record attendances in their churches on Sunday. I congratulate and rejoice with each of them.

Finally, it was a blessing to spend time in the late afternoon with our children and grandchildren. Terrie and I cherish these moments now more than ever. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to invest in the lives of our grandchildren and to teach them about the powerful Saviour we serve.

It is a privilege to serve the Lord in ministry…and it is worth it all!

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