Some of the most impressionable memories are those of personal encouragement. Most of us can easily remember timely words or actions of encouragement that took place even years ago.

So, who have you intentionally encouraged lately? If you want to make a difference in lives, be a purposeful encourager.

Spiritual leaders of any kind—pastors, Sunday school teachers, care group leaders, church staff members, and parents—have a particular responsibility to consistently look for ways to encourage others.

Here is a quick list of 15 ideas for encouragement.

  1. A Scripture verse
  2. A smile
  3. A good word
  4. A listening ear
  5. A kind spirit
  6. Your presence
  7. Your testimony
  8. Putting your life on the line
  9. Prayer
  10. Encouraging to get counsel
  11. A home visit
  12. A phone call
  13. A small gift
  14. A handwritten note
  15. A reminder of God’s love

Challenge for today: choose at least five of the above to practice before you pillow your head tonight!

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