If you think it’s difficult to read through biblical genealogies, try preaching through one!

My text for this Sunday morning’s message is Luke 3:23–38—a full sixteen verses listing the genealogy of Jesus. If it weren’t for the fact that when I began the Journey with Jesus preaching series I promised our church that we would cover every verse, I think I would have skipped these verses!

But before dismissing them (or tagging them on to the honorable mention end of last Sunday’s sermon), I began to study them. I was amazed at the truths the Holy Spirit drew from this list of names.

1. Every person who serves Christ is vital to God’s plan.

Included in this particular genealogy are thirty-six names not mentioned anywhere else in the Bible. There’s no other scriptural information on their lives. You probably won’t hear a Sunday school lesson about one of them anytime soon.

Yet, each of these thirty-six men were crucial to the Davidic lineage of Christ. Not a one of them were unimportant.

I’m mindful of many Christian servants in our church (and no doubt there are many in yours as well) who will likely never be recognized for their labor. They don’t serve in conspicuous areas of ministry, and yet their labor is needful for ministry to be accomplished.

In God’s economy, there is no insignificant person. Unknown? Yes. Underappreciated? Likely. Unimportant? Never.

2. Each generation is responsible for holding truth.

The lineage of Christ includes notable men such as Enoch, Noah, Abraham, and David—men renown for their walk with God.

But the generation following these men could not rest on the victories of their fathers. Each generation must hold the truth for his generation.

For sake of illustration, let’s say that Melchi, the son of Addi (verse 28) was a wicked man. (I have no idea what kind of man he was, because I know nothing about him other than his name!) At the time Melchi lived and raised his son Neri, it did Neri little good that Enoch walked with God. Young Neri needed to see his own father walk with God!

I’m thankful for the victories of past generations. I respect the faithfulness of men who have fought the good fight of faith before me. But my generation will only be led to Christ by people in my generation!

For whatever reason(s), God has placed you and me here at this point in history. May we be faithful stewards of the time God has given to us. We must invest our lives in guarding and disseminating the truth to this generation.

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