Everything we do begins with an attitude. We can approach ministry in the new year with an attitude of faith and expectancy, or we can approach it with an attitude of defeat.

As a pastor, I want to always respond to Jesus’ direction in willing faith. And, just as importantly, I want to lead our church family to also respond to God’s commands in faith.

I preached yesterday from a text that had been burning in my heart for several months: Luke 5:1–11. In this passage, we see Jesus’ command to “Launch out into the deep” and Peter’s response “at Thy word, I will.”

If we are to move forward for God in the new year with an attitude of faith, we must learn to simply obey Jesus’ commands. As spiritual leaders, we must also learn to challenge the faith and obedience of God’s people.

How do we involve God’s people in launching out into the deep at Jesus’ word? In this growth points video, I share six steps that I strive to employ in leading our church family forward in faith.

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