Launch Out

For the past several years, I have written daily devotions, available through email and web, to encourage growing Christians in their walk with the Lord. Last year we revamped and relaunched this service to make it more helpful, practical, and easy to use.

This year, I’m happy to announce that I am following a new theme for the devotions: Wisdom from Proverbs.

For the first time ever, the devotion for each day will directly correspond with the chapter from Proverbs that matches that date of the month. For instance, the devotion for January 21 will be expounded from a verse or passage in Proverbs 21. I’m excited about this new approach, and I pray it will encourage readers to diligently pursue God’s wisdom from His Word.

If you are not currently receiving these daily devotions and would like to begin, there are three ways you can access them:

  • Subscribe via email. This free subscription brings a daily devotion and your Bible reading directly to your inbox every day. Simply visit to subscribe. (And I promise that we will never sell your email address.)
  • Subscribe via RSS. This free service will update your RSS feed daily with the same text as in the email. Use the link
  • Visit the website. Bookmark in your browser, and visit it daily.

I begin every day with a deep awareness of my need for God’s wisdom and by asking Him for it. There is no better place to find it than in His Word!

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