As I review and recap the past year in preparation for the new year, I usually take a few moments to review the posts on this blog. My goal is always that upcoming posts would be encouraging, edifying, and helpful. Reviewing last year’s posts in order of those most-read gives me insight into what is most helpful to my readers.

Thank you for reading throughout the year, and I pray that each post has been an investment of time for you—helping you in servant leadership and drawing you closer to the Lord.

Below is a recap of the most widely read posts from 2012 along with a brief description of each post—in case you missed any of these.

  1. How I Feel after a Pastor Falls—This was written after a well-known pastor committed a grievous sin and crime. I would rather not have mentioned this one because of its shameful nature, but I truly believe that we are at a crossroads and need to take a step back and carefully refocus on Jesus.
  2. 20 Characteristics of a Christlike LeaderThis is a simple list of twenty attributes that I believe characterize the life and leadership of a biblical Christlike leader. (Interestingly, this post was actually published in 2009, but it continues to be one of the highest-read articles on this blog.)
  3. After the Election—an Eight-Fold Call to Baptist Pastors—As the results of this past election became clear, so did the spiritual temperature of our nation. I pray for revival, and I believe there are at least eight initiatives every Baptist pastor should take for our country.
  4. Anti-Bullying Campaign Demeans ChristiansNo one is for bullying, but I am suspicious of anti-bullying campaigns that bully those who disagree with the speaker’s message. The current event mentioned in this blog is a reminder that “tolerance” is only a myth.
  5. 7 Simple Ways to Connect with Your Pastor—The heart of a pastor is the heart of a shepherd; it is relational. But as a church grows, it can become difficult for every member to have relational contact with the pastor every week. Here are seven simple ways to intentionally stay connected.
  6. The Grading Curve of a Pharisee—The first infographic ever on this blog, this was designed to make a simple statement: when we agree on all things doctrinal and on 99 percent of ministry practices, let’s support one another.
  7. Concerns and Hopes for Young Preachers—A few thoughts in answer to a young pastor who asked me, “What do you see that concerns or encourages you in younger pastors?”
  8. 3 Preachers Who Should Quit—I wouldn’t ordinarily suggest any preacher quit. But there are three who I wish would!
  9. One Simple Way to Powerfully Encourage the Heart of Your Pastor—Being a pastor is a wonderful—and intense—journey. And there is one heart-felt expression that will encourage the heart of every pastor.
  10. 7 Ways to Be a Godly Friend—The godly friends God has given me motivate me to want to be a godly friend. This post provides seven biblical ways to share friendship.
  11. The Subversion of Marriage—When our national leaders can’t figure out Who created marriage and how it is defined, it is a sad day for the future of American homes…and therefore for the future of America.
  12. Why We Cannot Be Silent on Same-Sex MarriageIn a culture that is increasingly intolerant of Christian beliefs, it is tempting to hold our tongue. But too much lies at stake when it comes to defining marriage. We cannot, we must not, be silent where God’s Word is so absolutely clear.
  13. A Quick Prayer Request—This was a quick post as I entered Central America for a missions trip. Following, I posted a few video blogs detailing what God was doing through this trip. He did move mightily, especially in the countries of Nicaragua and El Salvador. Stay tuned, I’m excited for what I believe lies ahead.
  14. 3 Myths about MarriageOne of the greatest dangers to any relationship is fantastical expectations. When it comes to marriage, the truth about how God intended it to function is far better than our skewed expectations.
  15. 10 Indicators of a Spirit-Filled Leader—Sometimes we become fuzzy on what the Spirit-filled life looks like. This is a list of ten indicators that reveal the Holy Spirit’s filling in your life.
  16. What to Get a Man for His 50th Birthday—I’m still a young man(!) but I did cross the fifty mark this year. And when I did, I realized more fully than every before what really matters most.
  17. Massacred for the FaithLast summer I spent much time studying our Baptist heritage. I was deeply stirred and challenged by a three-day event that occurred in the Piedmont valleys of Italy over four hundred years ago.
  18. What Vacation Time Means to a Pastor—Sometimes it takes some time out of the current to gain a clear perspective in the most important types of productivity.
  19. One Powerful ParagraphThis deeply challenging excerpt from my reading drove home the point without a growing love for Christ we are bound for shipwreck of the soul.
  20. A Clean Name or a New NameThis was a challenge to independent Baptists after a troubling and unfair newscast.

Three or four of the posts above related to the overwhelming needs of our nation are currently in the process of being expanded into print resources. Please pray with me as I am right now in the thick of the writing process. As the Lord leads, I may share parts of the works-in-progress here.

I’m looking forward to some of the new articles for this blog already planned for 2013. I pray they are a help to you. Thanks again for reading, and I’m always thankful for your suggestions and feedback!

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