Terrie and I are thrilled to announce the arrival of our new grandson, Chandler Paul Mordh. Chandler was born December 27 and weighed seven pounds, nine ounces. His mom is doing great (for which we are very thankful), and his older brother is ecstatic.

This C-section happened to be scheduled on the day of Terrie’s and my thirty-second wedding anniversary. (And, in case you didn’t notice yet, they also gave Chandler my name for his middle name.)

When I look back over these last thirty-two years, I see the abundant, overflowing grace of God in my life. First, I was blessed to marry the most gracious Christian woman I have ever known. Additionally, the Lord blessed us with four wonderful children who love and serve Him today. And now we are enjoying His blessings of grandchildren. I’m thankful for God’s grace and for His gracious gifts.

Chandler’s name means “candle maker.” Please pray with us that he will be saved at a young age and that he will be a faithful light in this dark world for his entire life.

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