If you’re anything like me—and most people I meet are in this regard—you’ve shouldered too many burdens that you wish you would have given to the Lord.

Sometimes we forget to give them to the Lord.

Sometimes we just don’t want to let them go.

Sometimes we struggle to know how to give a burden to the Lord.

This fall, I wrote The Burden Bearer: Who’s Carrying Your Load? to remind myself—and hopefully readers as well—that we really can and should cast all our cares upon Him.

This book is a unique project in that it has an allegorical story about Carrier—a Lifter very much like you and me—woven throughout the book.

You can read the first chapter for free, or you can purchase the book in print or as a kindle edition. I pray it is a help and encouragement to you. The chapter titles are as follows:

Table of Contents

Part 1: Lifters and their Burdens

1. Tipping Points
2. Giants in the Land
3. But What If?
4. Self-Imposed Burdens

Part 2: Burdens Relieved

5. Where Burdens Are Lifted
6. A Better Way

Part 3: Serving in Christ’s Yoke

7. Learning to Rest
8. The Language of Grace
9. Leave It to the King
10. When Ministry Hurts
11. Depends on How You Look at It

Also, Striving Together has recently released several other new resources, including a daily devotional, an adult curriculum, and a book for parents of teens. I hope all of these are a blessing to you.

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