A post-Christian culture questions everything related to Scripture, and the church certainly hasn’t escaped its scrutiny—or its dismissal.

Some claim that the church was man’s idea. Others suggest that it has deviated so far from the first century that it is no longer effective or worthwhile. Some ignore it altogether.

But Jesus believed that the church was precious—so precious that He purchased it with His blood (Acts 20:18).

This fall, I wrote an adult Sunday school curriculum titled Real Church: Discover God’s Pattern for the Local Church

In these thirteen lessons, students take a close look at authentic church life. From the newly birthed first century churches in the New Testament, students learn basic doctrine concerning the local church as well as how God intended for us to function in the church body. From relationships, to prayer, to witness, to giving, this curriculum explores what the church is really all about.

The curriculum is available now, fresh from press. If you would like to begin teaching the series this Sunday, even before your shipment arrives, you can download lesson 1—“A Real Beginning”— for free. (Even if you don’t plan to teach this curriculum, this would be a helpful stand-alone lesson. Feel free to download.)

I pray that this curriculum is a help in strengthening local churches and creating a hunger for authentic church life. Christ still loves the local church, and it is still His vehicle to reach the world!

Also, if you order your teacher edition of this curriculum before November 30th, you receive a bonus—a completely free copy of the 352-page book A Glorious Church (regularly $22.95).

Real Church is available through Striving Together Publications. Click here for more information or to order your teacher and student books.

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