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The longer I walk with the Lord, the more convinced I am that knowing and loving Jesus Christ is really what the Christian life is all about.

As a pastor, more than I want my church family to experience any outward change in their lives, I want them to fall in love with Jesus and walk with Him in fully-committed, heart-deep discipleship. Over and over, I’ve seen that those who love Jesus purely do experience radical change—both heart change and life change.

This Sunday morning, I’m beginning a new preaching series and a new endeavor—preaching verse-by-verse through the gospel of Luke. I can’t say how much I’m looking forward to this study with our church family! For many years, I’ve preached verse-by-verse through specific books of the Bible on Sunday evenings, but this is my first Sunday morning series to structure this way.

Luke is the longest and most detailed of the four gospels. With 1,151 verses describing Christ’s life and ministry, it includes 41 passages not recorded in the other gospels. Because Luke provides a comprehensive and mostly chronological look at Christ’s life, I believe this study will help our church deepen our love for Jesus.

I’ve already spent many, many hours studying, outlining, and preparing for this upcoming series. My study time alone has been rich in growing my own love for and walk with Christ. I’m looking forward to encouraging our church family to come along on the journey.

In addition to the Sunday morning messages, this sermon series will be the most technologically-supported study we have ever undertaken at Lancaster Baptist. Our web team has developed an interactive website with additional study materials and application questions.

As we study the life of our Saviour, event by event, I’m praying that our daily walk with Him will be strengthened as we commit to journey with Jesus.

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