Many pastors have legitimate concerns over some of the challenges and problems within independent fundamental circles. And yet, I am thankful to the Lord for those who are developing their own solid position and continuing with a servant’s heart to win souls in this generation.

I am often brought to both sides of the concerns. Frankly, I don’t blame some of the young men who have heavy hearts regarding idiosyncrasies, inconsistencies, sins, and problems of leaders and/or institutions who greatly influenced them.

On the other hand, I am grateful for those who with a discerning spirit work through those issues and look past the personalities, pettiness, and sometimes just plain weird behavior to the core beliefs and practices of Baptists. I’m thankful for these young men who, when frustrated or confused over the problems, dig deeper into God’s Word and recognize that it is still right to be fundamental in their position on the Word of God and passionate to reach people in their generation for Christ.

Yes, there are some young men who, with a spirit of desperation or even a spirit of rebellion born out of hurts of ministry, have turned away from a fundamental context of ministry. My spirit toward such men is to love them and pray for them still.

However, not all young men are turning away from the fundamental moorings. Many, in fact, are making adjustments as necessary, repositioning their eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ, and maintaining a passion for preaching the Gospel.

Their testimony bears to the truth that it is possible to be young, soundly fundamental in doctrine, thoroughly scriptural in practice, and maintain a servant’s heart and a sweet spirit.

Last night, it was our joy to ordain four such men—Anthony King (church planter), Adam Fridenstine (missionary), Daniel Gardner, Jr. (missionary), and David Collins (church planter). All four of these men have the unmistakable call of God on their lives, and their lives and ministries already bear testimony to the fact that they also have the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

It is always a joy to ordain a man and welcome him to the ranks of those who have committed to a lifetime of preaching the Gospel. But it especially thrilled my soul last night to ordain these four who have years of ministry in front of them and have already demonstrated a commitment to being fundamental and servant-hearted leaders.

All over the world there are good young men who are keeping their eyes on the Lord and setting their sights on needy cities. Pray for them—they are being greatly used by God.

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