I not only reread The Promise, but I highlighted it heavily both times through. This encouraging book illuminates one of the most often quoted promises in the Bible—Romans 8:28.

Author Robert Morgan has divided this book into two parts. Beginning with a word-by-word study of Romans 8:28, he makes profound applications for our lives—and especially for our trials.

In the second part of the book, the author pulls from parallel passages and the lives of biblical characters to show how this incredible promise is echoed throughout the pages of Scripture. You will find God’s promise to work all for your good and His glory underscored all throughout your Bible.

Below are a few of my highlights from this book:

  • “God allows trials in our lives because we have a strong core of inner pride and self sufficiency that works to our long-term detriment.”
  • “Somehow, in the wonder-working providence of God, our worst problems become our best points of growth.”
  • “Problems dislodge our core of self-sufficient pride and drive us to the Lord.”
  • “Our pains become His pulpits.”

Every Christian experiences suffering and heartache. But sometimes when we’re in the midst of it, it seems pointless, futile, and damaging. The Promise helps to put an eternal perspective on present pain. It not only reminds us that God has promised to work all for good for those who love Him, but it helps us see what that good is as we see it developed throughout Scripture. Especially, The Promise reminds us that God is always at work in our lives—even when it least appears that He is.

If you’re looking for an encouraging book that will help to anchor your faith in God’s sovereignty and fix your faith in His goodness, I recommend The Promise.

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