Terrie and I recently enjoyed some vacation time with our children and grandchildren. This trip was the generous gift of our church family last summer when we celebrated our twenty-fifth anniversary at Lancaster Baptist Church.

As we returned home, I jotted down a short list describing what vacation time means to a pastor:

  1. Time to disengage mentally from the stressful thought processes of ministry.
  2. Time to minister to my wife and family.
  3. Time to disengage from all social media and the trivial issues of the blogosphere. [I did have some scheduled blogs and tweets that posted while I was away.]
  4. Time to visit new places and learn the history of people and places God has created.
  5. Time to wonder at God’s creative power.
  6. Time to laugh and play with our children and grandchildren.
  7. Time to read Scripture and other books for enrichment and personal growth.
  8. Time to step back and get perspective on upcoming ministry opportunities.
  9. Time to be reminded I’m still a lousy golfer.
  10. Time to give thanks for a family who loves God and loves one another.
  11. Time to take lots of pictures.
  12. Time to visit other churches, libraries, and educational institutions.
  13. Time to be reminded how much I need to keep learning and growing.
  14. Time to pray for renewed power and vision.
  15. Time to be thankful to serve a wonderful Saviour with the world’s greatest church family!

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