1. I have freedom—to vote, to speak, to travel, to live. We enjoy a level of freedom people in repressed nations cannot even fathom.
  2. I pledge to a flag I am proud of. The stars and stripes of Old Glory represent the courage, sacrifice, and patriotism of those who purchased our freedom.
  3. I have a rich heritage—of courage, faith, honor, and sacrifice. Not only do I have this heritage, but I have been raised in a nation that has taught me to be thankful for it.
  4. Our government is branched for balance. Yes, it tips out of control at times, but our founding fathers had the wisdom to set three branches of government with checks and balances to encourage the government to serve and protect the people. Again, we do not understand the gift it is to not live under a harsh, repressive government.
  5. We are friends with Israel. Although our current administration has tried to push Israel, the United States has long committed to stand as Israel’s ally. God promised to bless nations that bless Israel (Genesis 12:3).
  6. We have a strong military. I’m thankful for the men and women who have staked their lives for my freedom.
  7. We have a culture that runs deep with Christian values. Not all of our founding fathers were born-again Christians, but many were. And the strong Judeo-Christian heritage they set for us has shaped our nation. Freedom, honesty, hard work, sacrifice, integrity, and generosity are not encouraged, or even applauded, in every culture.
  8. I have liberty to worship and to witness. I not only can practice my faith, but I can freely share the Gospel with others as well.
  9. We enjoy prosperity. Even in a lean economy, Americans have more than most of the rest of the world. Even the poorest of us are considered wealthy in developing countries.
  10. God blesses America. Every item in the list above is a result of God’s blessing on our land. I’m thankful for His favor, and I pray for Americans to turn back to Him.

And a bonus one:

11.  I enjoy watermelon, the 4th of July, fireworks…and enjoying it all with my grandchildren!

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