The Lord has given us a great season of resource development at Striving Together Publications. We’re excited to have released a collection of new books, minibooks, and curriculum.

I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of our newest resources for you. We pray these will be a blessing and encouragement to you and a help in your ministry.

Stewarding Life—This book examines God’s greatest gifts and His principles for stewarding them wisely. It shares some insights the Lord gave me early last year when I took some medical rest and leave. You can download the first three chapters free here.

Sacred Motives—This 125-page paperback was developed from a lesson I first shared with our staff. It lists ten biblical motivations to serve the Lord and provides some tips on putting these motivators into practice.

Trusting God in Troubled Times—Written by my good friend, R.B. Ouellette, this book will be an encouragement to anyone facing dark days. Each chapter draws rich truths from the testimonies of men and women in Scripture who faced troubled times.

Emotional Victory—Many “Christian” books dealing with emotions are little more than a repackaged approach to pop phycology, with some verses tacked on. Emotional Victory provides a thoroughly biblical approach to allowing the Holy Spirit to use His Word to give you victory in the emotional battles of life.

Hope for My Hometown—This inspiring and practical book by Pastor Dave Teis will give both encouragement and direction to any church planter. Through these pages, Pastor Teis shares the miraculous stories of planting the Liberty Baptist Church in Las Vegas, Nevada, and offers biblical helps gleaned from his church planting experience.

The Blessed Life—This paperback minibook highlights four principles from Proverbs that God promises to bless, and it traces these principles through Scripture. Brother Ken McCoy shares how these principles have shaped his own life.

The Purpose of the Lord’s Table—The Lord’s Table is more than a ritual. It is a sacred ordinance given by Christ to the local church. This booklet examines three purposes we partake of the Lord’s Table and how God works in our lives through it.

Walking through Fire curriculum—This curriculum by Dr. John Goetsch is a verse-by-verse study of 1 Peter. Rich in Scripture and full of practical application, it teaches how God uses the fires of life to purify and refine our faith.

Living beyond Your Capacity curriculum—This curriculum teaches the ministries of the Holy Spirit to the Christian and how we can live the Spirit-filled life—a life fuller than our human capacity.

The Choice Is Yours curriculum—This is our first ladies curriculum from Striving Together. It is from my wife, and it is excellent! These thirteen lessons are filled with Scripture and are centered around purposefully applying the truths of God’s Word to your daily choices.

For more information on any of these resources or to order copies, you can visit


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