One of the most memorable moments of our recent building constructions has been the “steel signing.” For our West Wing expansion, this event took place this past Sunday evening.

At the close of the evening service, our church family toured both floors of the West Wing tower and signed the steel beams, which will soon be covered with drywall. But more than simply signing names, we encouraged our church family to write prayer requests as well. Couples, families, singles, teens, and children found a place to write out their requests—some personal, some related to the ministry that will take place in the West Wing itself—and sign their names.

There is something about this event that gives a new level of ownership in the building for our church family. Some people even specifically look for a beam that is located in a position where they will remember it after it is covered. When the West Wing is completed, they will remember that request (and soon, God’s answer to it) each time they are in that area of the building.

When I announced to our church family on Sunday that we would be signing the beams that evening, many members told me of prayers they had written on the beams in earlier buildings—prayers that they have since seen God answer.

From the beginning of this construction project, our greatest desire has been to see Christ’s name elevated and magnified—through the giving of His people, through major construction in a lean economy, and, ultimately, through the ministry that will take place in these completed facilities. I can’t help but think, too, that His name is exalted as construction workers are reading some of the prayer requests as they work this week.

As a pastor, I am blessed and grateful for a faith-filled people. God’s consistent blessing has been evident in this building project, and I know this is His gracious response to the faith of His people.

Please pray with us as we work to complete this first phase of the Elevate and Magnify expansion by this fall. We look forward to seeing God’s continued answers to prayer!

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