During a keynote speech on anti-bullying at the National High School Journalism Conference, Dan Savage told the students they can “learn to ignore the (expletive) in the Bible about gay people.”

Todd Starnes of Fox News Radio reports that when offended students began walking out on the 3-minute anti-Christian rant, Savage cursed them. Many other students at the convention clapped and cheered at Savage’s remarks.

Are we to believe that culture or these students would have tolerated a speaker to ridicule gays or Muslims?

Mr. Savage, who met with President Obama in 2011, speaks against bullying, but he bullied and ridiculed Christian teenagers for their faith. It seems that he and others like him want tolerance for everything except the Bible and Christianity.

You can see the video of the event here. We link to this speech with caution due to the explicit and crude language used, however, it is important for Christians to understand the nature of the attacks against our faith. Please pray for the Christian teens who stood for Christ in this moment of persecution.

No one is for bullying, but I am suspicious of the anti-bullying propaganda since it has turned into a bullying agenda against Christians.

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