In the early days of Lancaster Baptist Church, our new members orientation consisted of an afternoon reception at the Chappell home. Terrie and I would set up chairs in the living room and provide food for the time of fellowship. We would both share our testimonies, and I would explain to our new members the structure and vision of our church as well as answer questions they asked.

Over the years, our new member’s orientation has evolved into a process that I believe is more equipping for the new members and yet still allows for the personal fellowship and bonding.

In this month’s Spiritual Leadership Podcast, I share some practical ideas on helping new members of your church become committed disciples of Christ.

This lesson is unique in that it was originally presented to a group of pastors, but I taught it as if they were a group of new members to Lancaster Baptist Church. Along the way, I punctuated the lesson with notes of explanation as to the reasoning behind what content I use in our orientation and how I present it. I pray this is a blessing to you and a help to your church.


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