Before my family celebrated my birthday last week, my daughter googled, “What to get a man for his fiftieth birthday.”  (You can guess which birthday they were celebrating.)

Danielle’s search pulled several web pages that offered the same gift suggestion—time with family. Basically, these search results all pointed out that by the time a man is fifty, he would really just appreciate an opportunity to enjoy his family.

Google was right.

The older I get (and just for the record, I’m still young!), the more I realize the value of relationships.

Shortly after Danielle’s birthday gift discovery, I read a quote in my study to the effect that relationships are not just the icing on the cake. Rather, they are the cake.

Indeed, relationships are the core of our lives. In my upcoming book, Stewarding Life, I refer to relationships as “the stuff of life.”

Relationships are worthy of our time and attention.

Value them.

Invest in them.

Even add icing to them.

Time given to a loved one is more than a good birthday present. It is an investment in the most valuable possession of life!

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