One of the side effects of growth is discomfort.

I’m challenging our church this year to be “Rooted in Christ” to experience growth in Him. But I’m also challenging myself. I want 2012 to be a year of growth in every area of my life.

Unfortunately, growth often involves the discomfort of change and the sacrifice of comfort.

It’s always more comfortable to maintain than to build or expand. This is true in any area.

It’s more comfortable to relax in your walk with God than to ask Him to search your heart and uncover your pride.

It’s more comfortable to keep the Rolos in your drawer than to change your diet and take care of your health.

It’s more comfortable to please yourself than to love and study your spouse.

It’s more comfortable to pop in a movie than to nurture your kids in quality family time.

It’s more comfortable to talk to the same people at church every week than to reach out to the visitor or the new family.

It’s more comfortable to encourage the growing students in your class than to prod those who are struggling or to bring in new faces.

It’s more comfortable to continue the same level of financial giving than to stretch your faith.

It’s more comfortable to maintain your current soulwinning prospect list than to knock more doors and add more to your list.

It’s more comfortable to pass by the cashier (or the barber, or the banker, or the pedestrian) than to give him a tract.

We like our comfort zones. They are…well, comfortable!

But if we want to grow, we must be willing to voluntarily leave our comfort zones.

In what area do you need to dispense comfort for growth?

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