Through the economic challenges our country has faced, churches have needed—more than ever before—to understand biblical principles of faith, stewardship, and compassion.

In this podcast, we discover fourteen principles that should shape our church budgets, stretch our faith, and increase our fruitfulness.

God’s Word is not bound by a tight economy. I pray that this lesson is an encouragement to you to joyfully serve the Lord and see His Word furthered during this tough economic time.


Before and after the lesson, I answer the following in-studio questions:

  • When it comes to the economic challenges, what wrong responses are you seeing ministries and churches take today?
  • What deliberate responses have you taken as a local church pastor in response to the difficult economy?
  • What have you done to encourage the church family during this time?
  • How have you seen God provide these past couple of years through the economic challenges?
  • With all that you see changing in our culture, what is your personal outlook on the future of ministry?

The Spiritual Leadership podcast is a free resource from Striving Together Publications (a ministry of Lancaster Baptist Church and West Coast Baptist College).

You can subscribe to this podcast through iTunes and listen on your computer or iPod. You can also receive the complimentary outline with each lesson. Click here for more information about subscribing to the outline.

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