This past Monday evening, during our Missions Conference, our church had the privilege of ordaining Brother Enoch Kim to the Gospel ministry. Brother Kim is a graduate of West Coast Baptist College and has served on our staff, developing our Korean ministry, for the past couple of years. He and his wife Grace are faithful servants with a testimony of committed love to Christ.

This night was particularly significant as Brother Kim’s salvation and call to ministry is the product of missions. And the evening was particularly memorable as the Lord allowed several of those key players who have had a tremendous influence in Brother Kim’s life to attend.

A few of the special guests attending this occasion were Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Kim, Brother Enoch’s in laws; Dr. and Mrs. Jack Baskins, the American missionaries who led Dr. Kim to Christ; Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Baik, faithful servants of the Lord in Dr. Kim’s church; and Mrs. Esther Yu, a pianist in Dr. Kim’s church for many years. It was through the Baskins’ faithfulness over fifty years ago that Dr. Kim was saved, and it was through Dr. Kim’s church that Enoch was reached with the Gospel as a Korean teenager in a Buddhist home. Later, he married Dr. Kim’s daughter, Grace.

All of these people have had a tremendous influence on my own life as well. Dr. and Mrs. Kim reached out to me many years ago when, as a teenager, I arrived in Korea as a struggling MK. I will never forget their love and kindness which made such a difference for that time in my life. Dr. Baskins recruited me to Bible college when I was sixteen. But more than that, he invested in my life and, even as I was a teenager, encouraged me to submit my strong will to God and live for Him. Dr. and Mrs. Baik sang at Terrie’s and my wedding almost thirty-one years ago. It was a special joy on Monday night to hear them, accompanied by Mrs. Yu,  sing the same song, “I Want to Do Thy Will, O Lord,” for the ordination service.

Before the ordination, Brother Enoch gave testimony of his salvation as a teenager and of God’s calling him into ministry some years later. It has been a joy and privilege to work with Brother Kim in the ministry. God’s hand on his life is obvious. Enoch and Grace love the Lord passionately and fully give themselves to the ministry.

Please pray for Brother Enoch and Grace as they serve the Lord. Pray that God blesses their walk with Him and their ministry to others through the coming years. Pray that God gives them a lifetime of fruitful ministry to His glory!

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