Every pastor is constantly trying to anticipate How do I lead our church to the next level of ministry?

In this month’s Spiritual Leadership Podcast, we cover a variety of topics that need to be addressed for each stage of numeric church growth:

  • The spirit of the church
  • The structure of the Sunday school
  • The structure of soulwinning
  • Habits of follow up
  • Habits of fellowship
  • Help of personnel
  • Requirements of space
  • The pastor’s schedule


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    The biblical pattern of church growth emphasizes the health of the church, not merely the size. This requires that in every stage of numeric growth the church leadership has a biblical vision for developing a membership that has the capacity to sustain both spiritual health and numeric growth.

    Over the years, I’ve learned that—contrary to popular opinion—the bigger the vision, the easier it is to reach that vision. Ultimately, the size of your vision should be determined by the size of God. In your dreams for your ministry, don’t limit yourself by questioning, “What can I do?” Instead ask, “What can God do in this place?”

    I pray that this month’s podcast is a help to you in developing a biblical vision for your church.

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