A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. But too many sailors want to quit when the sea becomes choppy!

Those in ministry regularly experience heaving seas. From personal trials, to ministry needs, to the hostility of our secular culture, ministry has a host of challenges. Pastors and other Christian leaders must learn to stay the course through difficult seasons.

In this podcast, originally given as a lesson at a pastors’ retreat, we look at how we can remain relevant and retain joyful vitality in troublesome times.


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Before and after the lesson, I answer a few in-studio questions, including the following:

  • What does it mean to remain relevant in society?
  • What would be your immediate advice for the pastor who needs to refresh his spirit in this moment?
  • Do you find that trials or difficult times cause you to reorder or refocus your priorities?
  • What are some of the lessons the Lord has taught you through seasons of difficulty?

I pray that this lesson will encourage you to remain faithful through the turbulent times in which we now minister.

The Spiritual Leadership podcast is a free resource from Striving Together Publications (a ministry of Lancaster Baptist Church and West Coast Baptist College).

You can subscribe to this podcast through iTunes and listen on your computer or iPod. You can also receive the complimentary outline with each lesson. Click here for more information about subscribing to the outline.

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