Spiritual Leadership Conference has already held so many blessings. My heart has been stirred through the preaching, sharpened through the fellowship, and touched through the testimonies of others. But the watershed moment for me happened yesterday afternoon when I stepped into the room where our annual West Coast Baptist College alumni luncheon was served. (Many of our alumni attend the conference, and this luncheon is a great way for them to get together each year.)

One of the decisions requiring the most faith that our church ever made was to start West Coast Baptist College. From its beginning, the college surpassed all of our resources in every way—time, money, facilities—everything! To this day, overseeing and caring for the college is a daily walk of faith.

Not only that, but it’s a lot of work! Over the years, God has brought together a team of staff and faculty who tirelessly give of themselves to this work of training laborers for His harvest. Of course, even as we pour our lives and our hearts into our students, we do it with gratefulness to have a part in their future labors.

But yesterday afternoon, when I stepped into the room where the alumni had gathered for lunch, I was overwhelmed by what I saw—hundreds of men and women who are literally serving the Lord all around the world as pastors, missionaries, assistants, Christian school teachers—faithful servants of God. Seeing so many at the same time astounded me as I realized the magnitude of what God has done through these years of faith and labor.

It was as if God pulled back a curtain and gave me a moment to glimpse into the fruit of what He has done through West Coast Baptist College. God is gracious to use us. And He is kind to allow us these moments to glimpse a portion of the fruit that He is working through us we serve by His grace.

May I encourage you—in whatever ministry you are serving, God is often working fruit that you cannot see. Keep laboring for Christ knowing that He does give increase!

And may I say to every WCBC graduate faithfully serving the Lord and His people, thank you! Thank you for loving and serving God. And thank you for allowing us to have a part in your ministry!

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