One of the best events on our church calendar over the past twenty-five years has been our annual Men and Boy’s Campout. Each year, we head up to the Sierra Mountains for a weekend of preaching and growth.

Over the years, this weekend has truly been a time of revival in the lives of our men. This year’s campout—which we enjoyed last weekend—was one of our best ever. What a joy to watch the men and boys of our church make memories together. And what thrill to see over seven hundred men responding to the preaching of God’s Word.

Frankly, I enjoyed the “roughing it” aspect of this campout more twenty years ago than I do now! But I’ve never been more passionate about the spiritual fruit that takes place there on the mountain than I am today. Men made decisions over those few days in response to preaching and counseling that will transform their lives, marriages, and homes and bear fruit for years to come.

We live in a culture in which men are encouraged to be passive in roles of spiritual leadership. I’m thankful for the many men in our church who desire to be the spiritual leaders of their homes. And I’m thankful for their willingness to take some time away to rekindle hearts for God and spend time with their sons.

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