About fifteen years ago, I became burdened that there were vital topics necessary for healthy, local church growth and ministry that were not being addressed in preachers’ conferences or pastors’ fellowships. It seemed that while many taught on soulwinning and numeric church growth, our churches were lacking in areas of discipleship, servant leadership, and biblically balanced local church leadership.

So in 1996, we launched our first “Spiritual Leadership Conference.” Since that time, the Lord has used this conference to encourage thousands of guests and strengthen literally hundreds of churches around the world. The focal point of the conference is always the preaching in the evening services, but all day long, we have workshops covering topics that equip, challenge, train, and encourage local church leaders.

These daytime workshops are both practical and plentiful. Over the past few years, we’ve included over one hundred workshops that are spread out over several tracks. Every conference delegate—whether a pastor, missionary, church staff member, deacon, or  lay leader—can pick a track and benefit from teaching that will strengthen him or her in ministry and solidify his or her local church in soulwinning, discipleship, and growth.

This year, we have included sixteen tracks with well over one hundred workshops. Every registered delegate also receives a 500 page session notebook with outlines and information as they arrive. The tracks include:

  • Pastors/Missionaries
  • Church Planters
  • Assistant Pastors
  • Adult Ministry
  • Soulwinning/Discipleship
  • Music Ministry
  • Media and Technology
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Student Ministry Leaders
  • Christian Education
  • Church Administration
  • Men
  • Ladies
  • Pastors’ Wives
  • Secretarial/Support Staff
  • Teenagers

For a list of the workshops included in these tracks or to register for the conference, visit http://www.lancasterbaptist.org/slc/.

I’m greatly anticipating this year’s conference and am praying the Lord will use it to encourage the heart of every delegate who attends and to strengthen each church represented.

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