This past Friday night was our Lancaster Baptist High School graduation. As a pastor, this was an evening of joy and thankfulness as I watched our young people prepare to enter adult life with a heart of commitment to the Lord. Many of these students have spent much of their lives at Lancaster Baptist Church, and I’m so thankful to be their pastor.

What I saw Friday night was a testimony to the value of Christian education. It confirmed that the faith and sacrifice of parents over the years to give their children a Christian education is wise. It presented a beautiful picture of what can happen in a child’s life when he or she has the combined influence of Christian parents, a Bible-teaching and preaching church, and a Christian school.

I’ve often told our church family, “Christian education doesn’t cost—it pays.” Watching our seniors graduate with pure and consecrated hearts and well-prepared for a life of service emphasizes the truth of that statement. I’m praying for them as they serve the Lord in the various capacities He has directed them, and I’m looking forward to seeing God continue to use and bless their lives.

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