One of the most exciting projects for me of this past year has been my newest book, In Desert Places. The subtitle—what happens when unlikely people in unlikely places encounter the presence of God—is actually a summary of what I have firsthand seen God do here in the desert.

Twenty-five years ago, God led our family to a small, but growing, city on the backside of the desert. By all outer appearances, this struggling church with just a handful of members was an unlikely place for spiritual growth.

When we moved to the desert, however, I found my attention especially drawn to stories in Scripture that speak of desert places. And I noticed, that God worked some of His most memorable miracles in these places that appear unlikely to us.

Then, I began to see God do the miraculous here—in our desert. Over the past twenty-five years, we have seen Him touch and transform countless lives by His grace. This book tells the story of many people in our church who have seen what happens when unlikely people in unlikely places encounter the presence of God.

But I wrote this book to share far more than individual stories. I wrote it to encourage others who are likewise in a desert place—a place that needs the special touch of God. I wanted to highlight from the desert lessons God taught me though His Word the miraculous works of God in desert places. He multiplies. He mends. He binds wounds. He restores relationships. He gives new life. He offers solitude and refreshment. In short, He does the unlikely—the impossible—in desert places.

If you are in a desert place, this book holds good news: God delights in working desert miracles! I pray it is encouraging and helpful to you.

In Desert Places is published by Striving Together Publications. You can click here for more information or to order a copy.

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