Over the past few weeks I haven’t posted on the blog, so I wanted to take a moment to update you! I shared these thoughts with our church family in last week’s bulletin, and hope they might be a blessing to you as well.

A few weeks ago, after a couple of emergency room visits and succeeding doctor appointments, I was advised to take some time and get some rest. During the past few weeks, I’ve undergone several medical tests and also spent much time in prayer and planning for the days ahead. Thankfully, my physical challenges are easily treatable and my test results were all normal.

During these days of testing, waiting, resting, and receiving counsel, the Lord has impressed upon my heart that, in His sovereign plan, He is lovingly using these signals from my body to help me hear His still small voice regarding the need for more rest, and also time to carefully design a strategic plan for ministry that will include some mid-course adjustments in my schedule and management style. It would not be feasible to hear counsel, study, and make adjustments for life and ministry, while trying to maintain my normal schedule. It would be like trying to rebuild an engine while the car is driving down Interstate 14.

My passion for the Lord, my family, and my church is stronger than ever. Yet, I have felt the need to physically rest and spiritually recharge for the days ahead. I believe the pace at which I had been doing ministry for the Lord was beginning to hinder my health, as well as my time with Him. I truly believe the greatest success in life is maintaining the fear of the Lord and my love for the Lord. To continue on in a lifestyle of marginless living would no doubt hinder me from keeping these goals for my life and also the goal for lifelong ministry to our Lord, Lancaster Baptist Church, and our community. I have seen other leaders ignore such seasons in their lives by trying to continue working their regular schedules, and it is never a wise choice.

I’ve been able to spend some time at our family farm in Colorado. This has allowed some wonderful time with the Lord and time to rest and restore. I’m very thankful that over the past week, the health challenges I was experiencing have been subsiding.

I praise God for our staff and the daily counsel, leadership, and spiritual guidance they are providing for our church and ministry. I thank God for  the love and prayers of our church family and many Christian friends around the country. I am looking forward to being back soon and to sharing the many scriptural insights the Lord has given during this time. I believe God has many victories in store during upcoming seasons of ministry, and I’m looking forward to them with great anticipation!

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