Our 25th Anniversary and Spiritual Leadership Conference is fast approaching. We’ve already spent many hours preparing for these days, and I’m looking forward to the rich fellowship and preaching.

When we started this conference over ten years ago, we named it “Spiritual Leadership Conference” because we wanted to emphasize the importance of godly, Spirit-filled leadership in the church. I see three special roles a spiritual leader is called to fill, and we’ve specifically designed the conference to emphasize all three:

Spiritual Leadership

God has called us to lead His people as undershepherds. While motivating people through carnal methods of guilt or manipulation may provide initial visible success, true life change occurs when we practice spiritual methods of ministry, relying on the power of God’s Word and His Spirit. As we focus on cultivating hearts for God and discipling people to spiritual maturity, the Holy Spirit uses His Word to bring lasting growth in grace.

Servant Leadership

When Christ came to earth, He came “not to be ministered unto, but to minister” (Mark 10:45). I believe in strong preaching and pastor-led ministry. But I believe that both the preaching and leadership must flow from a genuine servant’s heart. Church leaders have the opportunity to model Christ’s leadership by serving His people.

Soulwinning Leadership

One of the great emphases of Spiritual Leadership Conference is that of pastors leading the way in soulwinning. People do what they see modeled in the pastor, deacons, Sunday school teachers, and staff. It’s far too common for pastors or staff members to preach on soulwinning without actually going soulwinning. Through this conference, we try to encourage pastors, staff members, and lay people to join together in actively going out after the lost.

I’m thankful for how the Lord has used this conference over the years to strengthen, encourage, and re-energize spiritual leaders across the country. I’m looking forward to July 10–14!

You can register for the conference at lancasterbaptist.org/slc/. All delegates who register by March 1, will receive a free copy of a book I’ve just finished writing titled In Desert Places.

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