The purpose of The Pastor’s Perspective is to offer encouraging help to friends and fellow servants in the ministry, and I pray you have been strengthened through time spent here this past year. Below is a list of the most read posts from 2010 with a short description of each post.

1. Cancer, God, and Larry!—The Lord has used Larry’s cancer in so many ways. This post was written early during this season of trial, and our family was overwhelmed by the response of our friends around the world to encourage and pray for us.

2. Matthew & Katie’s Wedding—It was a joy to see Matthew and Katie’s relationship grow and now to see them serving in ministry. It’s still hard to believe, however, that our youngest is now married!

3. Larry’s First Sermon Since Cancer—For many of us at Lancaster Baptist Church, the highlight of our 2010 Youth Conference was hearing Larry’s first message since cancer. There is a depth and passion in his preaching that has obviously come from the Lord.

4. The Lord our Helper—how the Lord used 2 Thessalonians 2:16–17 to minister to us during a setback in Larry’s healing.

5. 23 Reasons I’m Glad, Even though I’m a Little Sad—a list written on the flight home after our youngest son’s wedding.

6. The Blessings and Pitfalls of Social Networking—a challenge to examine our online activity in the light of God’s Word.

7. Effective Soulwinning Tips for Busy Christians—practical tips that make my soulwinning more effective and fruitful.

8. 7 Ways to Be a Godly Friend—The Lord has used friends in my life to encourage, strengthen, inspire, challenge, and sometimes convict me. I want to be this kind of friend for others.

9. 20 Characteristics of a Christ-like Leader—attributes that characterize the life and leadership of a biblical, Christ-like leader.

10. 10 Indicators of a Spirit-filled Leader—Sometimes we’re a little fuzzy on what a Spirit-filled life looks like. This is a list of indicators that reveal the Holy Spirit’s filling in your life.

11. 6 Ways Leaders Lose Focus in Soulwinning—how to fight the natural drift away from soulwinning.

12. Introducing—a resource to encourage, equip, and engage local church leaders. Launched in March 2010, this site has expanded greatly and helped many!

13. Help Wanted: Servant—a simple description of a servant leader.

14. 3 Hindrances to Prayer—common reasons Christians neglect prayer.

15. 5 Quick Ways to Be a Better Husband—tips for men who want to encourage their wives and strengthen their marriages.

16. Thankful for the Schmidts’ 20 Years of Service—Cary and Dana Schmidt celebrated 20 years of ministry at Lancaster Baptist Church this July. Please pray for the Schmidt family as Brother Schmidt was recently diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. You can read his updates here.

17. 10 Reasons We Need Spiritual Leadership Conference—This was posted before the 2010 Spiritual Leadership Conference. This conference was undoubtedly our best so far. I am greatly anticipating God’s work in the 2011 conference.

18. The Best and Worst Ways to Motivate People—a compilation of discouraging and encouraging motivators.

19. Distinctive Principles: Baptist Distinctives Part 1—the first in a series of 3 articles highlighting what makes Baptists special.

20. Do You Really Believe That?—an unforgettable question posed by a Chinese tour guide that should challenge us all in soulwinning and missions.

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