What do you love? What consumes your heart and your life? Whatever your answer—this is your passion.

Christ loves the church. He loved it so much that He gave His life for it. And He has commissioned the church to bring His divine plan of redemption into all the world by planting more churches. This is God’s passion.

I’m thrilled that my friend, Dr. Bud Calvert, has written God’s Passion about this very topic. Dr. Calvert is a church planter, and his church has sent out dozens of church planters. He writes on a subject with which he is well acquainted, making this manual on church planting a rich mine of truth and practical help.

Dr. Calvert covers biblical philosophy and shares his learned experience in church planting. He details the relationship of the sending pastor and home church with the church planter, spells out key convictions for building a church, and relates how church planting is the God-ordained framework for fulfilling the Great Commission. He also provides helps in choosing a location, setting a budget, teaching young Christians on giving, even planning the first week—and so much more. This book will be an incredibly helpful handbook for church planters, missionaries, sending pastors, and sending churches.

I’m thankful that Striving Together Publications has the opportunity to publish this book. I know it will be a tremendous help to those who are eager to align their heartbeat with God’s. Click here for more information or to purchase a copy.

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