The command to go soulwinning includes an action verb—“go.” But soulwinning is more than a weekly activity. A true soulwinner will develop habits of becoming soul-conscious. Of course, the Holy Spirit alone does the work of conversion, but every Christian should be an active witness. What are some consistent habits that men and women who are genuinely concerned for the souls of others will demonstrate?

  1. Carry Gospel tracts. I find that when I have tracts in my pocket, I think more about soulwinning wherever I go, and I’m more attentive to soulwinning opportunities that arise throughout the week.
  2. Seek a partner. Find another person who you can go soulwinning with on a weekly basis. If you are new to soulwinning, ask an experienced soulwinner to train you. If you are already seeing fruit in soulwinning, find a young Christian to mentor and train.
  3. Pray for fruit. In John 15:7, Christ promised, “If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.” Ask the Lord to bless your obedience in soulwinning. We need Him to convict hearts and speak through us to others. Only He can give spiritual fruit.
  4. Attend soulwinning meetings at church. Our church has several weekly soulwinning meetings at which we distribute maps of streets to go doorknocking or specific visits of current prospects. At these meetings, we also give a soulwinning challenge. The meeting is also a great place to meet up with your partner. Although you can go out without attending a meeting at church, many people will not remain faithful without this weekly form of accountability and encouragement.
  5. Sit with new converts. When you lead someone to the Lord out soulwinning and invite them to church, sit with them in the service. By your interest and enthusiasm, they will be encouraged to respond to the message and continue growing in the Lord. Your influence could easily lead them to develop a heart for souls as well.
  6. Look for visitors. Greeting a visitor at church can make a tremendous difference. Your friendly interest will help to lower barriers he may have erected and soften his heart to the Gospel he is about to hear.
  7. Make calls on Saturday nights. When you meet someone who seems sincerely interested in visiting church, get his number (and give him yours), and follow up on Saturday evening with a phone call to remind him and let him know you are looking forward to seeing him on Sunday. This takes only a few minutes, but goes a long way to bringing a prospect to church. It’s amazing what a difference developing this one little habit of Saturday evening calls makes in bringing visitors to church.

When these habits are rooted in a heart that cares for the souls of others, the outcome is spiritual fruit to the glory of God.

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