It’s great to be back home and with our Lancaster Baptist Church family! It was a blessing this morning to attend our soulwinning faithfulness rally, and I can hardly wait for tomorrow’s services. I look forward to preaching and to being with the greatest people in the world.

Terrie and I enjoyed our time together these past weeks to reflect on thirty years of marriage. I’m so thankful for the godly wife the Lord has given me. Her love for the Lord and for me has a greater impact on the ministry here than anyone—including Terrie—will ever know.

It was great as well to spend time with Larry and Ashley and Ashley’s parents. We’re thankful for the healing the Lord has given Larry these past several months. Seeing him feeling well and able to enjoy this trip was an answer to many prayers by friends all around the world. Please continue to keep him in your prayers as he has his monthly checkups.

On our trip, we followed the missionary journeys of Paul through part of the Mediterranean region. We learned so much and were greatly challenged to realize what God accomplished through Paul’s faithful preaching and witness in pagan cultures. As our own culture continues to morally deteriorate, I’m encouraged to remember what God can do by His Spirit through yielded soulwinners. I truly believe that we live in a day of unsurpassed ministry opportunities, and I believe the greatest days of ministry are yet ahead!

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