I’ve always appreciated the fervor for soulwinning, passion for Bible study, heart for Christian growth that D.L. Moody communicates in his writing. One of my favorites reads of this summer was his book, The Overcoming Life (published by Bridge-Logos, Alachua, FL).

This book on victorious Christian living includes a wealth of material on Christian warfare and abiding in close fellowship with Christ. But one of the most interesting and helpful sections to me was several pages of questions and answers with Moody. These were filled with golden nuggets of wisdom in practical matters of ministry—evangelism, prayer, sermon preparation, involving church members, encouraging reconciliation, Spirit-filled living, and more.

I appreciate Moody’s straightforward style of declaring truth. His love for the Lord and commitment to Bible study is evident. Although Moody received little formal education and many in his day thought his speech was simple and rough, I find his direct applications of biblical truth refreshing.

I highly recommend this book for any Christian who desires to grow in his walk with the Lord and become more effective in his witness.

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