celebrating Dr. Gibbs' birthday

Yesterday marked what could be a day of celebration for thousands of churches around our country—Dr. David Gibbs’ birthday. Our staff was privileged to celebrate this special event during our annual staff training last week.

Dr. Gibbs was born August 22, 1944, in Alabama. He grew up on a farm in rural Ohio with godly Christian parents. As a young boy, Dr. Gibbs trusted Christ as his Saviour. After graduating from high school, he pursued a career in law.

As a young lawyer, Dr. Gibbs was asked by a pastor to defend his ministry that was being sued by the state. Through this case, Dr. Gibbs sensed the Lord calling him into a unique and desperately needed ministry of free legal helps for churches in our nation. The Lord has greatly used this ministry, and over the past forty-one years, the Christian Law Association has served hundreds of thousands of churches and Christians. Our entire nation owes Dr. Gibbs and his loyal wife Glorianne a great debt of gratitude for preserving our Christian freedoms.

I cannot begin to express my gratefulness, respect, and love for Dr. Gibbs. I count him as a dear friend and godly mentor, and I wish him a very happy birthday and a fruitful year of ministry for Christ.

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