Spiritual Leadership Conference 2010

What a joy it was during Spiritual Leadership Conference to be able to serve the many pastors, missionaries, and churches who attended. Many have expressed the services and workshops were a monumental help to them, and they are already letting us know how they are implementing the truths they learned this week in their home ministries.

My heart was stirred and challenged by the preaching of this conference. The evening services were a blessing, and the afternoon workshops were helpful. I’m thankful for the many speakers and our own staff who gave so freely of themselves to equip others.

Perhaps the greatest blessing to me was the fellowship with other pastors and missionaries from around the world. It is a joy to strive together in the work of the Lord (Philippians 1:27), and it’s refreshing to hear how the Lord is blessing faithful men in other places. The church planter’s luncheon on Monday was a special encouragement. I was blessed and thrilled by the enthusiasm and courage of these men launching new ministries.

All of the services and sessions from this year’s conference are already available for free download at strivingtogether.com. I pray they will be a continued help after the conference has ended. Videos (evening services, awards, drama, presentations, and special conference videos) are also available at lancasterbaptist.org/slc.

I believe the greatest days of ministry opportunity are before us now. May we each give our whole-hearted energy to soulwinning and local church ministry. As we saw in the Wednesday night video, God is blessing biblical ministries in powerful ways. Let’s continue striving together, by His Spirit, for the faith of the Gospel.

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