Understanding the Times: Living Courageously in Prophetic Days

I’m thankful to announce the completion of a new book—Understanding the Times: Living Courageously in Prophetic Days. The outgrowth of hundreds of hours of study, and many hours of labor from our publications staff, Understanding the Times explores Bible prophecy in reference to current events. It will be a helpful tool for every pastor and an encouraging resource for every Christian.

Biblical prophecy provides far more than information; it should motivate us to live with eternity in view and to intensify our witness for Christ. In addition to giving clarity on future events, this book will encourage every reader to a greater trust in the Lord.

Chapter titles include:

  1. The Basics of Bible Prophecy
  2. World Empires Old and New
  3. The Focus on Israel
  4. A Sudden Disappearance
  5. A World in Terror
  6. The One-World Ruler
  7. The False Church or the True Saviour?
  8. The Seven Years of Judgment
  9. The Second Coming of Christ
  10. The One Eternal Kingdom
  11. Challenges in Light of His Coming

Understanding the Times is published by Striving Together Publications and will be available July 11. You can pre-order your copy today at strivingtogether.com.

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