An annual highlight for our youth group is the Spring Banquet at Disneyland. Each year our senior high teens and many of their parents enjoy this time of recognizing the senior class with a Christ-honoring celebration. This activity not only replaces a worldly, sensually-focused night of prom, but it provides a special, memory-making evening that encourages our senior class to live for Christ as they transition into adulthood.

Our youth workers hosted the 2010 Spring Banquet this past Monday. The program included a DVD featuring a greeting from the parents of each senior graduate, a concert by two WCBC college students, and testimonies from some of our seniors. I preached from Genesis 39 about the life of Joseph and encouraged our young people to live in spiritual victory through the dreams and testings of life.

Throughout the program, I found myself choking up as I listened to the testimonies through tears of joy. As Terrie and I drove home, we talked about what a sentimental evening it had been. I’ve been privileged to be many of these students’ pastor for most of their lives. From marrying their parents to welcoming them in the hospital to awarding them their kindergarten diplomas to preaching at youth camps and cheering for their ball games, and now to senior banquet, I’ve had the joy of pastoring these students through many stages of life.

As these seniors are preparing to embark on a life of faithfulness to God, it is a rewarding joy to see their purity and hearts for God. I love these young people and can hardly wait to see how God will use the senior class of 2010 for His glory!

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