Our 2010 theme for Lancaster Baptist Church is “By His Spirit.” Truly, the Holy Spirit’s filling is a “must have” for every spiritual leader. Without His ministry in and through our lives, we will not properly fill the leadership roles in which God has placed us. But through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can see Him do the impossible!

Sometimes, however, we become a little fuzzy on what a Spirit-filled life looks like. Here are ten indicators that reveal the Holy Spirit’s filling in your life:

  1. A Spirit-filled leader is personally yielded. The key to effective public leadership is a genuine private walk with God.
  2. A Spirit-filled leader models godliness. The lifestyle of a spiritual leader is to be an open book—a living testimony—easily seen, clearly examined, and able to be emulated.
  3. A Spirit-filled leader leads others in sanctification. When God’s Spirit is in control of our lives and leadership, there will be a noticeable direction away from sin—both privately and publicly, at home and at church.
  4. A Spirit-filled leader maintains spiritual priorities. Right priorities are the product of God’s leading. Without the Holy Spirit’s guidance, you’ll never truly zero in on God’s priorities for your life.
  5. A Spirit-filled leader leads others to Christ. Acts 1:8 instructs us to be “witnesses.” Simply put, the product of the Spirit at work in your life will be a soulwinner’s heart.
  6. A Spirit-filled leader maintains oversight. Spirit-led oversight will make you both observant and obedient. In other words, you will notice things you never noticed, and then the Holy Spirit will lead you to take action and to obey His impulses.
  7. A Spirit-filled leader encourages orderliness. When the Holy Spirit is active and working, order will be the natural result. This “order” might be as simple as picking up a piece of trash or as complicated as restructuring your adult Sunday school.
  8. A Spirit-filled leader remains impartial. The Holy Spirit will lead you to serve every member of your church with the same concern and intensity. He will give patience, understanding, and caution where you might otherwise be reactionary or emotionally charged.
  9. A Spirit-filled leader is gracious in trials. Hebrews 4:16 teaches us that we can “come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.” A peaceful, gracious, and strong spirit through the most difficult of times is supernatural. Apart from the Holy Spirit, we tend to “fall apart”!
  10. A Spirit-filled leader exercises spiritual authority. Holy Spirit-led authority will lead authoritatively but kindly, and it will always seek to resolve discord rather than stir it up. This kind of authority responds kindly to those who disagree and still loves and gives from a deep heart of compassion and grace.

It’s exciting to see the ministry that can take place when we are filled with the Spirit. In our own might and power, we can accomplish nothing of eternal significance, but by His Spirit, we can bear spiritual fruit for God’s glory.

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