Ten years ago, I taught a Spiritual Leadership Lesson on “Developing an Annual Plan.” This lesson details how to wisely steward your time and ministry resources by long-range planning for your church. It also includes ideas for sharing this plan with your staff and church family and implementing it into weekly goals.

This has become the most popular of the Leadership Lessons, and we’ve made it the December edition of the Spiritual Leadership podcast. You can listen to it here:


This Leadership Lesson was developed at the end of 1999—just before Y2K, and it’s humorous now to hear references to Y2K in this lesson. In spite of the pending worry that year, the Lord gave our church a great “Vision Night” and a great year of ministry following. I’m looking forward to this year’s “Vision Night” and am excited about the ministry opportunities for 2010. I pray this lesson will help you as you prepare for a new year of ministry as well!

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